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Jet Racing Extreme

Innovative racing game with interesting physics.

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Realistic physics

The project was started in year 2015.
We published the first version in Steam in early access to try out the gameplay idea and immediately received a large number of positive reviews. Gamers really liked physics and the model of destruction. Many players have noted that the game is extremely addictive.

... Some even broke the keyboard!

Innovative gameplay

Players called the game "crash simulator".
Each new disaster with jet car will never be similar to the previous one.
The highest skill is the ability to cope with the huge power of the jet engines and reach the finish line,

... or crawl on the wreckage of the body, as you like!

Outstanding graphics

After analyzing the feedback we decided to go on. Since the beginning of year 2017 we are working on new physics engine and migrating the game to Unreal Engine 4 (see next slides).

It will be a completely new game, but with the same gameplay that you liked so much.
Stay with us!

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Full featured functional interior

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Q2 2019  

High-quality modeling

Low-poly car models for game engines.

Accurate exterior

PBR-based interior


High-end 3D zombie shooter platform for mobile devices.

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Ultra Violence!

Advanced dismemberment and gore.

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From pistole to melter

A variety of brutal weapons.

Powerful rifles


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